Statement – Socialismo Revolucionario majority leave ISA

Statement from Socialismo Revolucionario majority. 24/6/21

English version

 In the light of the Greek, Turkish and Cyprus sections splitting from the ISA. The Majority of Socialism Revolutionario(SR) have also chosen to break with ISA. It is clear over the last year SR has not functioned despite efforts of all. The differences that have emerged with the international leadership and their autocratic handling of the section has brought us to this situation. Each of us may or may not choose to add to this small statement with one of their own. The purpose of this statement is to bring an end to the toxicity and for all to move on in whichever ever way they see fit in building the revolutionary party. 

We wish all comrades the best for the future.

For more information please read this article Why we disaffiliate from the ISA

We have chosen not to continue with the name Socialismo Revolucionario and have given that name and related social media to the ISA as we wish for a fresh break in the organisations name and methods.

If you wish to contact us our email is

Our website in Spanish La Brecha

Our website in Catalan La Bretxa

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